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Absolute Autos – your local garage for all your car servicing needs in the Clanfield area

Car Servicing for Clanfield

Clanfield drivers can take advantage of the fact that they have a reliable local garage practically on their doorstep our Waterlooville auto centre is only a stone’s throw away from the town, allowing them to benefit from our high standard of car servicing, car repairs, car diagnostics, and more.

What Absolute Autos can do for you

As one of Hampshire’s most well-established car garages, we have much to offer our customers in Clanfield. Here are some of our more popular services.

Car Repairs for Clanfield

We offer effective and long-lasting car repairs for our customers in Clanfield. Our experienced mechanics can assess whatever might be wrong with your vehicle and come up with the appropriate repair solution. We use branded components for all car repairs and replacements and also offer regularly scheduled car servicing.

Brakes, Clutches & More

Your clutch and brake systems are among the most important of your car’s safety devices and also the most commonly damaged. When you bring your car to our service centre with a faulty brake or clutch, we will ensure a fast and effective repair, using quality components from Pagid and Luk, respectively.

Tyres and Tyre Fitting

We provide all Clanfield customers with a first-class tyre fitting service, whenever they purchase new tyres from us. Our mechanics have decades of experience between them, ensuring a tight, secure fit and a safe drive home for our customers.

ADAS Calibration

If you have an advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) in your car, you need to look after it. Day-to-day driving can loosen or misalign the warning sensors that it needs to operate. Regular calibration can fix the problem, and we offer a full service for any ADAS set-up you might have.

MOTs for Clanfield

We charge a flat rate of £54.85 for all MOT tests undertaken at our certified testing centre. We know that most Clanfield clients don’t look forward to this annual inspection, which is why we try to make the process as quick and painless as we can for them.
As part of our expert service and as standard, we undertake a secondary quality control check after any work we carry out to ensure that it has been done to the highest standard – giving added peace of mind to our Clanfield customers.

A car service centre near you

Based in Waterlooville, we are practically neighbours to our customers in nearby Clanfield. You’re always welcome at our auto centre, whether you’ve come for an annual car servicing, an urgent car repair, or anything else related to your vehicle.

Get in touch

For one of the leading car garages servicing vehicles in Clanfield, call Absolute Autos Ltd today. From car repairs and car services, to full MOT testing, we are happy to help you out.