High-quality clutch replacement and car repairs available in Hampshire

As all drivers in the Hampshire area know, the clutch is one of the most important parts of your car.

In a manual transmission vehicle, the clutch transfers the rotational power from your engine to the wheels. Without it, you wouldn’t be able to change speeds or come to a stop without switching off the engine.

As such an essential component of your car, it is crucial that you keep it properly maintained. A poorly-operating or broken clutch is as much of a risk as a damaged brake. Fortunately for our customers in Cowplain, Denmead, Horndean, Purbrook, Waterlooville, Widley, and beyond, we are experts at clutch replacements and repairs.

What Absolute Autos can do for you

As a certified fast fit clutch centre, we have much to offer our Hampshire clients. Here are some of our more popular services.

Clutch repairs in Hampshire

Some issues with your clutch are less serious than others, only requiring a small repair to set them right. At Absolute Autos, our team of professional mechanics are well-trained to know the difference. We will never insist on a replacement clutch where a repair will do. Unless, of course, the safety of you or your passengers is at risk.

Clutch replacements in Hampshire

All car components have a limited shelf-life, particularly the clutch, which is often in constant use. When the time comes to get a replacement, book your car in with Absolute Autos. We are a certified fast fit clutch centre, so we can have your old clutch replaced swiftly and efficiently. Call today for a booking.

High-quality clutches and accessories

Here at Absolute Autos, we only use the best components in our clutch repairs and replacements. We deal exclusively with Luk brand clutches, as they are known worldwide for their quality and reliability. Roughly a quarter of all cars produced in the world use Luk clutches, making them a brand to be trusted.

Common clutch problems

If you’re not a mechanic, knowing what’s wrong with your clutch can be a tricky business. Here are some of the tell-tale signs and what they mean.

The clutch fails to disengage when pressed

We all press the clutch pedal to slow or stop our car while moving forward in traffic. If you press it with and the car continues to inch forward, you need your clutch looking at. This can be a sudden change, which may indicate a broken clutch cable, leaking hydraulic line, broken linkage, failed hydraulic cylinder, or a misalignment of the throw-out bearing with the pressure plate. If the change is more gradual, this could mean you have a broken motor or transmission mount, are low on hydraulic fluid, or have a failing cylinder.

The clutch fails to engage properly

If your clutch doesn’t engage fully, this is normally evidence that your friction disc or pressure plate need replacing. Both these parts tend to wear out over time, leading to a general deterioration in performance. A sudden failure to engage can means something more serious like bent linkage, a rusted clutch cable, weakened pressure plate springs, an oil leak, or an overheated flywheel or pressure plate.


If your clutch chatters when you engage it, this could be down to warp or wear on your pressure plate, flywheel, or pilot bearing. It can also occur if you have loose engine or transmission mounts. If your car has been overheating and your friction surfaces have been burned, this can also lead to chattering.

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