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Absolute Autos – trusted experts for all your auto locksmith needs in the Fareham area

Reliable & Trustworthy Auto Locksmiths for Fareham

If you live in Fareham and have lost car keys or locked keys in your car and you need an instant car key replacement, the only name you need to remember is Absolute Autos Ltd. As the premier car locksmith firm in the Hampshire area, we are only too happy to provide you with the service and quality you deserve.

Car locksmiths for Fareham

Whether it’s recovering locked keys from a car, or a full car key replacement, at Absolute Autos, we offer a complete range of car locksmith facilities to meet your every need at our auto centre, and at a price that will suit you.

Car key replacement for Fareham

There might be any number of reasons that you need a car key replacement. The originals might be lost, or damaged, or stolen. All we care about at Absolute Autos is making sure that you get your duplicate set of keys as soon as possible, and with a minimum of fuss once we have verified your proof of ownership and ID.

Lost car keys

Lost car keys? There are few things more frustrating than returning to your vehicle and realising that you have misplaced or mislaid your only set of keys. Absolute Autos auto locksmith service can supply you a car key replacement while you wait, once we have verified the relevant documents and send you safely on your way.

Car Key Cutting

There are many reasons you might need a replica set of car keys. Whatever they might be, Absolute Autos has you covered. We provide a fast, efficient key cutting service at our auto centre with speed and precision.

Mercedes Steering Lock and EIS Repair

While Mercedes is renowned for its in-car security features, such as the steering lock and Engine Ignition Switch (EIS), if they should develop a fault, you need expert locksmiths to repair them. At Absolute Autos, we provide a full steering lock and EIS repair service on all Mercedes vehicles.

Modular Programming and Reprogramming

Modular programming refers to the system of bespoke software run by your car’s internal computer. If the modules affect your automatic locking and your ignition should fail, we have the tools and experience to reprogram those modules and set everything right again.

All makes and models

Whilst main dealers and linked garages are only capable of providing a car locksmith service to people driving their specific make of car (and often with a price tag to match their ‘official’ relationship), as an independent firm of car locksmiths, we have the tools and the knowledge to offer car key replacements to every customer, regardless of make or model. With Absolute Autos, there is ABSOLUTELY no need to call the main dealer.

Your local auto locksmith

From our shop in the Hampshire Waterlooville, we welcome vehicle owners of any make or model including drivers further afield such as Alton, Chichester, Clanfield, Cowplain, Denmead, Fareham, Gosport, Havant, Horndean, Petersfield, Portsmouth, Purbrook, Widley, and beyond.

Over 25 years’ experience

Our team of locksmiths has a combined quarter of a century in the trade, and we put that experience and expertise to good use every day, ensuring you a first rate, professional service.

Get in touch

Whatever your car locksmith needs, call Absolute Autos Ltd today, or get in touch through our online query form.