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Visit Hampshire’s most dependable MOT test centre at Absolute Autos

As one of the county’s leading MOT test centres, we welcome customers from right across Hampshire.

Every week, we receive dozens of vehicles from Cowplain, Denmead, Horndean, Purbrook, Widley, and beyond to our Waterlooville garage. Why so many? it could be our reputation for MOT test quick turnarounds and excellent service.

What is involved in an MOT test?

Your annual MOT test is not the same as a full car service. Rather, it is confirming that your car complies with the Ministry of Transport’s minimum standards of roadworthiness. Passing the test does not mean your car is in peak condition. It means that it is legally safe to be driven on public roads.

Here is what we are looking for when we conduct an MOT test:

Internal checks

All MOT tests include the vehicle’s interior. We are making sure that the lights and switches function correctly, as do the seats, seat belts, and wipers. We also check out the steering wheel and steering column, as well as your mirrors, doors, and speedometer. We are even obliged to make sure the horn works, as a key safety component.

External checks

For the outside of your car, our mechanics will inspect plates, headlights, and indicators in the first instance. We also check the bodywork, wheels, and tyres to ensure they are up to scratch. Your MOT test also includes checking doors, mirrors, wipers, windows, fuel cap and windscreen. If you have a tow bar attached, this will also be assessed.

Under the vehicle checks

The underside of your car will also be given a thorough inspection. We will check steering and drive shafts as well as the shock absorbers and suspension. Naturally, your brakes will need to be looked at, as will the wheel bearings. We will also examine your exhaust and fuel system, as well as the overall condition of the vehicle.

Under the bonnet checks

The final stage of your MOT test is to look under the bonnet to ensure your battery is operating correctly. While we’re there, we will also check out your fluid levels and the condition of any wiring. One last check involves making sure that the car bonnet itself secures safely to the body of the vehicle.

Other common MOT test queries

We understand that the MOT test is not something that most drivers look forward to. As trained professionals, we look to make things as hassle-free for our customers as possible. Here are some of the most common queries we receive regarding MOT tests.

Does my car need an MOT test?

Unless you’re driving around in a new car, the answer will be “yes.” Every vehicle more than three years old is required by law to pass an MOT test every year. Failing the test, (or fail to attend your local MOT test centre) makes it illegal to drive that car. There are no exceptions.

How long does an MOT test take?

At our MOT test centre, the turnaround is about an hour, making it convenient for most customers. If your vehicle requires repairs to pass the test, the time (and expense) for doing so will need to be added. At Absolute Autos, we never insist on repairs to your car unless it will fail the MOT test without them.

What happens if my car fails its MOT test?

Should your vehicle fail its MOT, you will be issued with a refusal of MOT certificate (VT30). You must then ensure that your vehicle is repaired and retested so it complies with MOT standards. Since your insurance is not likely to cover you at this point, you are advised not to drive the car.

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