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Faulty Immobiliser? Trust the experts at Absolute Autos to fix it.

Quality Immobiliser Fault Repairs for Waterlooville & Hampshire

They are the primary safety device, which makes it essential that you keep them properly maintained. A car immobiliser is an important security device common to all modern cars. A compulsory component since 1998, any car under 20 years old will have an immobiliser fitted. It’s a simple piece of kit (comprising a control unit, a relay unit, and a key) that ensures your vehicle cannot be started without using the assigned key or transponder fob.
If any of those components, or the immobilising mechanism itself, should develop a fault, make Absolute Autos Ltd your first (and only) port of call. We have the tools, skills, and experience to ensure a fast and effective immobiliser fault repair, every time you call.

Immobiliser Fault Services

When it comes to immobiliser fault repairs in Hampshire, nobody offers a more thorough service than Absolute Autos. This is what you can expect from us:

Assessing the problem

The first sign of a problem with your immobiliser is not being able to activate central locking, or not being able to start the car via the ignition. However, these are symptoms – not causes. Our experienced auto locksmiths will investigate your car key fob, the transponder chip in the key, and (where necessary) the immobiliser itself to establish the cause of the faul

A fast immobiliser fault repair service

We know that if your immobiliser is playing up, you either can’t get in your car, or you can’t start it once you do. Once you have arranged for your car to be brought into our auto centre, our team of auto locksmiths ensure a fast response to any immobiliser fault enquiry, getting you back in your car and moving again as soon as possible.

The right tools for the job

Our auto locksmiths can handle any immobiliser fault repair. We keep key components and equipment (including transponder chip reprogramming tools) at our autocentre in Waterlooville, so that we can perform effective repairs as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Any make or model

Different cars use different immobiliser technology. While they all operate on the same principle, there are differences in application. While some auto locksmiths can only perform immobiliser fault repairs for certain makes of car, at Absolute Autos, we have the skill and experience to deal with any make and model.

Efficient Immobiliser Repairs Near You

Our team of auto locksmiths are based at our car service centre in Waterlooville. We welcome vehicle drivers from across Hampshire to our auto centre to assist with their immobiliser fault repairs from as far as Alton, Chichester, Clanfield, Cowplain, Denmead, Fareham, Gosport, Havant, Horndean, Petersfield, Portsmouth, Purbrook, Waterlooville, Widley, and beyond.

Get in touch

For professional car immobiliser repairs in Waterlooville and Hampshire, contact Absolute Autos Ltd today. Speak to us to arrange an appointment or to get a free, no-obligation quote.