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Need to repair or replace your clutch? Trust Absolute Autos – your local experts

High-quality clutch replacement services for Waterlooville and Hampshire

As all drivers in the hampshire area know, the clutch is one of the most important parts of your car. In a manual transmission vehicle, the clutch transfers the rotational power from your engine to the wheels. Without it, you wouldn’t be able to change speeds or come to a stop without switching off the engine.
As such an essential component of your car, it is crucial that you keep it properly maintained. A poorly-operating or broken clutch is as much of a risk as a damaged brake. Fortunately for our customers in cowplain, denmead, horndean, purbrook, waterlooville, widley, and beyond, we are experts at clutch replacements and repairs.

What Absolute Autos Ltd can do for you

As an expert clutch centre, we have much to offer our hampshire clients. Here are some of our more popular clutch services.

Clutch repairs & checks

Some issues with your clutch are less serious than others, only requiring a small repair or adjustment to set them right. At absolute autos, our team of professional mechanics are well-trained to know the difference. We undertake clutch checks and will never insist on a replacement clutch where a repair will do. Unless, of course, the safety of you or your passengers is at risk.

New clutches & clutch replacements

All car components have a limited shelf-life, particularly the clutch, which is often in constant use. When the time comes to get a replacement, book your car in with absolute autos. Call today for a booking.

High quality clutches and accessories

Here at absolute autos, we only use the best components in our clutch repairs and clutch replacements. We fit OEM parts such as LUK, VALEO, Sachs all of which are know brands and come with a full warranty.

Common clutch problems

Cutches are usually trouble free for many thousands of miles of driving but problems do occur from clutch judder, difficulty in engaging gears or even a complete loss in drive to the wheels. Whatever the problem, we can diagnose the fault and provide you with the options available to get your vehicle driving as it should.
We undertake a secondary quality control check as part of our service after any repair undertaken to ensure that it has been carried out to the highest standard.

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