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Absolute Autos – trusted experts for all your auto locksmith needs in the Purbrook area

Reliable & Trustworthy Auto Locksmiths for Purbrook

Purbrook is one of several Hampshire villages that benefits from having a local, reliable firm of auto locksmith practically on its doorstep. Whatever issues you’re having with your car’s keys or locks, the team at Absolute Autos Ltd is only ever a phone call away.

Car locksmiths for Purbrook

From reprogramming your car’s computer modules to car key cutting services, we have much to offer our customers across the Purbrook area. These are some of our most popular services:

Car key replacement for Purbrook

Whether you’ve locked your keys in your car, broken them in the lock, or dropped them down the drain, Absolute Autos is here to help. We can provide a brand new car key replacement, without needing to see the original providing we can verify proof of vehicle ownership and relevant ID. Our auto locksmiths will provide a fast and effective replacement service.

Lost car keys

When you lose your car keys, make Absolute Autos your first (and only) port of call. Our expert auto locksmiths can provide a lost car key replacement within minutes upon verification of the relevant ID and vehicle documents.

Car Key Cutting

Car key cutting isn’t limited to lost and broken keys, either. We can provide you with as many duplicate copies as you need. Whether you want a spare set for emergencies, or you’ve added a family member to your insurance as a named driver, we deliver a fast, efficient car key cutting service for you.

Mercedes Steering Lock and EIS Repair

Here at Absolute Autos, we’re big fans of Mercedes cars and their array of security features, such as their Engine Ignition Switch (EIS) and their steering lock. With our decades of combined experience, we have the skills and tools to repair either of these features, should they happen to develop a fault.

Modular Programming and Reprogramming

If you drive a modern car, you might be surprised how much of it is dependent on specially-programmed modules within its onboard computer. This includes your locking and ignition systems, which are often operated with a transponder key. Where the connection between the two fails, you can rely on us to reprogram the relevant modules for you.

All makes and models

As independent auto locksmiths, we are not limited by the restrictions imposed on a car dealership. We work with all makes and models and have considerable experience with all of the most popular ones. No matter what you drive, someone on our team will have the necessary experience to perform a fast and effective locksmith job.

Your local auto locksmith

Our garage and service centre can be found in Waterlooville, Hampshire, putting us only a few miles away from our valued Purbrook customers. Whatever make or model you drive, you can expect a fast turnaround on all requests.

Over 25 years’ experience

We have been trading since 2015, earning ourselves a reputation for excellence among our Purbrook customers. Between us, our team of skilled auto locksmiths have over 25 years’ experience in the trade, working with almost every make and model of car. Their extensive expertise and considerable training ensure a high standard of service every time you hire us.

Get in touch

Whatever your car locksmith needs, call Absolute Autos Ltd today, or get in touch through our online query form.